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About Our Leading Company

TriconeTech is a company that’s really good at making pictures and designs. We have a team of skilled designers who work hard to make designs that look great. But what exactly are these designs? Well, they’re all kinds of cool pictures and graphics made for things like websites, logos, and other stuff. Our designers use their imagination and fancy tools to make these designs.

Now, you might be wondering, what do these designers actually do? Well, they take ideas and turn them into awesome pictures that get people’s attention. They’re really good at picking the right colors, fonts, and how everything should look. They even make designs for websites and apps that are easy to use and look nice.

We have a bunch of experienced designers specifically for websites. Our goal is to understand what our clients want so we can make designs that match their style and goals. If you need great design work that’s both creative and professional, just get in touch with TriconeTech. We’ll make your brand look amazing online. Hire a designer from us today!

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Services Provided By a Graphic Designer?

Our graphic designers offer a wide range of services to meet diverse design needs. From designing web graphics that enhance online platforms to creating custom graphics tailored to specific client requirements, our expertise shines through. Let’s discover more about our graphic designing services.

Design web graphics

Our designing web graphics involves creating visually appealing and optimized graphics specifically tailored for websites and online platforms.

Creating custom graphics

We create custom graphics consisting of designing unique and personalized visuals that cater to the specific needs of clients.

Designing digital graphics

Our crafting of captivating digital graphics is an essential part of the design process that ensures optimal performance.

Developing product graphics

Our expertise lies in developing product graphics that enhance the visual appeal and marketability of your physical products.

Creating print graphics

With our creative prowess, we specialize in crafting print design services that make a lasting impression on your audience.

Designing media graphics

In the realm of media graphics, our media designers excel at designing visually impressive visuals that captivate audiences across digital platforms.

Other Services Offered by Our Experts

Logo Design

Our logo design team makes special logos just for your brand. Our designers make logos that are unique and easy to remember, matching what your brand stands for. We know how important a good logo is for making people remember your brand. Our designers are skilled at making logos look great and appealing to the people you want to reach. So, your brand will stand out from others.


Illustration Design

Discover the wonder of our illustration services! Our talented team of artists turns your ideas into beautiful illustrations. Whether it’s for books, ads, or online, our freelance designers create eye-catching visuals. We pay close attention to every detail, making sure each illustration tells a story and makes your brand stand out.



Branding & Visual Identity

Our team helps figure out what makes your brand special. We study what you care about and who you’re trying to reach. Then, we make a look for your brand that fits well together and sticks in people’s minds. We create logos, pick colors, and choose fonts that make your brand unique and memorable. Count on us to make your brand stand out and be remembered by customers. We’ll give you a brand that’s different from the rest and makes people take notice.

Image Design

Our image design services are about creating pictures that really catch your eye. We’re experts at making beautiful and interesting images that you’ll remember. Whether you want striking pictures for ads, social media, or your website, our team of skilled designers will bring your ideas to reality. They pay close attention to how things look and make sure every image sends the message you want and makes your brand look great.



Industries Our Experts Serve




Information Technology












Real Estate









Color Theory and Psychology

Our artists know that using colors the right way is important in graphic design. They understand how colors can make people feel and send messages. So, they choose and mix colors carefully to make designs look better. Their knowledge of color theory helps them make designs that grab attention and communicate well.

Layout and Composition

Layout and composition are like building blocks for good graphic design. They involve arranging things carefully so that the design looks nice and makes sense. This includes spacing things out, lining them up neatly, and deciding what's most important. Our advertising designers do this to make sure that when you look at their work, everything flows smoothly and you understand what they're trying to tell you.

Visual Hierarchy

Visual Hierarchy means arranging things in a design in a certain way to make sure people look at the most important parts first. Our freelance graphic designers do this by changing the size, color, contrast, and where things are placed. This helps people see and understand the information better, making it easier to use and improving how it looks.

Typography and Font Selection

Choosing the right fonts is really important in graphic design. Our marketing designers pick fonts that match the brand's style and make text easy to read. They think about things like different font styles, sizes, and spaces to create designs that send clear messages and make people feel a certain way.

Our Method Of Graphic Designing


Discovery and Research

We delve into understanding your project goals, target audience, and industry landscape. Through thorough research and analysis, we gather valuable insights that shape our design strategy and ensure effective communication with your intended audience.

Concept Development

Building upon the gathered insights, we generate creative and innovative design concepts. Through brainstorming and exploration, we refine these ideas into compelling visual directions that align with your brand and effectively convey your message.

Design and Execution

Our skilled creative designers bring the approved concept to life by meticulously crafting visually captivating graphics. We pay attention to detail, ensuring that the design aligns with your brand identity and effectively communicates your message to your target audience.

Review and Feedback

We value your input and actively seek your feedback throughout the design process. We provide opportunities for review, incorporating your suggestions and revisions to ensure the final design meets your expectations and objectives.

Final Delivery

Once the design has been refined and approved, we prepare the final files for delivery. We ensure the design assets are properly formatted and provide you with the necessary files ready for use across various platforms and mediums.

Our Graphic Design Portfolio


At TriconeTech, we focus on making our graphic designs really good. We have skilled designers who pay close attention to detail and are very creative. We check our designs a lot to make sure they’re top-notch, by reviewing them, getting feedback, and making changes when needed. We always aim to do better and make our clients happy.

Sure! We give out free samples to people who might become our customers. We know it’s important for you to see what we can do before you decide. Just get in touch with us to talk about your project and ask for some sample designs made just for you.

The cost of our graphic design services depends on things like how big the project is, how complicated it is, and how much you want it customized. At TriconeTech, we offer fair prices and make sure everything is clear. Just get in touch with us to get a price that fits what you need.

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