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Skilled and flexible teams of developers are here to help speed up your project using either pre-made or personalized solutions.

Who We Are ?

At TriconeTech, we help businesses by giving them skilled people to work on their projects. We’re like a school where you have different subjects; in the real world, there are many types of work. Sometimes, companies need extra help to finish their projects or when they have too much work. That’s where our IT support specialists come in!

Our company has smart and experienced professionals who are experts in different areas. They can join a company that needs help and work with their existing team. It’s like adding more players to a sports team to make it stronger. With our software development team, companies can keep working smoothly, finish their projects on time, and be successful. So, use our resources and boost your businesses with us!

Whether it’s creating computer programs, designing buildings, or doing other important work, TriconeTech is here to support businesses and help them achieve their goals.

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What is Staff Augmentation ?

Staff augmentation means bringing in outside professionals to work temporarily with a company’s existing team. These professionals are hired from staffing agencies or other external sources. It helps fill skill gaps, manage changes in workload, and bring in specialized expertise for projects.

Web Development

We help businesses by providing extra staff to make awesome websites that make their business shine online.

Mobile Development

We help make cool and easy-to-use mobile apps for iPhones and Android phones by providing extra staff when needed.

Software Testers

We offer skilled testers to help make sure your software works perfectly and gives users a smooth experience.

Digital Marketing

We help businesses with their online marketing by providing extra staff to improve website traffic, make their brand more visible, and strengthen.


We help by providing creative designers to bring ideas to life with cool pictures, logos, and interfaces.

Customer Experience

We help businesses by providing extra IT support staff who focus on making customers happy, so they keep coming back and the business can grow.

How Does Our Staff Augmentation Work ?

Understanding Your Requirements

When you need help with your projects, we’ll chat with you to understand what you want to do and the skills you need. Our company finds the right people for your team by considering what’s important to your business and what you want to achieve. We’ll make a plan that shows what jobs and skills your project or team needs.

Talent Acquisition and Screening

We have a team of skilled professionals from various industries. We pick the best candidates for you by testing, interviewing, and checking their references. Our game development team also looks for extra staff to help create great results. In short, we make sure to find the perfect people for your team.

Ongoing Support and Performance Management

At TriconeTech, we offer extra support staff. We don’t just leave you after your new team members start. We stick around to help them and your team if any issues arise. We also check how well the new members are doing to ensure they’re helping your team.

Seamless Integration

After we pick the right people for your team, we make sure they join smoothly. We handle all the paperwork, give them a tour of your company, and teach them what they need to know. Our game development crew also works with your current staff to help everyone work together better.

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Add Extra Force to Existing Project

Our company offers skilled IT support professionals who can join your project smoothly. We provide extra expertise and help to make sure your project gets done well.

Short-Term Staff Augmentation

When we need a bit of extra help for a short period, like when someone is away or there's a lot of work, we can offer flexible staffing services. This means we can provide skilled workers to help you right away.

Vendor Transition

If you're switching IT companies, we can assist you. Our skilled experts can manage the changeover smoothly, ensuring your operations run without any hitches.

Staff Augmentation Services

Long-Term Extended Team

If you have things you're working on or need more assistance for a while, we can provide skilled IT experts who will join your team and use their abilities to help you succeed for a long time.

Domain Expertise

We have a team of experts in IT support who are really good at different things like making software, keeping things safe online, working with data, and more. If you need help in any of these areas, we can provide experts.

Project Management

We have skilled project managers who can organize and supervise your IT projects. They work with our app development team to make sure everything runs smoothly, projects are completed on time, and meet high-quality standards.

Augmentation Process


Tell your requirements

Let us know what extra help you need, like what kind of technology you use, how many people you need, and for how long.


Choose developers

 If you need help quickly, we can provide a team right away. But if you want someone specific for a long time, you can join in the hiring process.


Onboard remote programmers

When we add people to your team, they’ll fit right in and know what to do. You just need to tell them about your project and what they need to do.


Manage extended team

Our team will work when you need them to and use the same tools as your team. If you want, we can also provide a manager to help out part-time or full-time.


Get your project delivered

We’ll keep an eye on your project to make sure everything goes well and you get what you need on time. The goal is to deliver a strong digital solution that meets your needs.

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Sure! We let clients have a say in choosing the professionals they want to add to their team. We know it’s important to find the right match for your team, so we try our best to meet your preferences.

The cost of our staff services can change based on things like the skills needed, how long you need help for, and what the job involves. We’ll adjust our prices to suit what you need, and we promise to offer good deals. Just contact us, and we’ll give you a price that fits.

We really care about keeping your information safe and private. We have strong rules and protections in place to make sure your data stays confidential. Our staff also promise to keep your information private. We make it a top priority to protect your data while working with us.

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